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If You Have A Young Person
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   We Will Have A Tournament Inside Our Regular Tournament, Where The Juniors Will Compete Against Each Other For BIG FISH.
​ This Club holds
Bass Tournaments
on lakes in West Ga and East Al.
This is a bring your own partner tournament.
We encourage the participation of young people.
        This is a Christian based club.
Please register below.
If you​ do not see your name on the registered side after a couple of days, send me a reminder via the email address below.Thanks and
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John McQueen
Alright!! You Took Our Plaque Home With You Because You Won 1st Place! The Least You Could Do Is Go To The "AOY STANDINGS/BLOG PAGE" And Tell Us What You Were Using!

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Here's Brandon Holding the Youth Angler Big Fish Plaque For Lake Wedowee on March 1, 2014!
Great Job Brandon!​
Here's Johnathan Vise Holding His 1st Place YOUTH WINNING Plaque For
​Lake Wedowee.

Mr Caden Showing His Winning Youth Big Fish That Weighed 3.52 Pounds! WTG!
Russell and Reid Took Home The Adult and Youth Plaques From Logan On
​Sept 6th. Way To Go Guys!
                      2015 Schedule

​Feb 7  Wedowee Hwy 48 Ramp        safe light until 3pm AL

Mar 7 Neely 10 Island Park                safe light until 3pm AL

Apr 4 Guntersville Bucky Howell      safe light until 3pm AL

May 2 Logan Riverside (old D&S)     safe light until 3pm AL

May 23 West Point Horace King        safe light until 3pm AL

June 6 Weiss Cedar Bluff Ramp       safe light until 3pm AL

July 11 Wedowee Hwy 48           4am AL time until 11am Al

Aug 1 Logan Lakeside                4am AL time until 11am Al

Aug 15 Wedowee Hwy 48           4am AL time until 11am Al

Sept 12 West Point Horace King       safe light until 3pm AL

Oct 3 Neely Rainbow Landing           safe light until 3pm AL

Oct 17 Guntersville Marshall County safe light until 3pm AL

Nov 7   Mystery Lake                            safe light until 3pm AL
Reid (top pic) And Caden (lower pic) Tied For Youth Angler Of The Year! They Each Had 5 1st Place Finishes And 3 2nd Place Finishes!
​Awesome Year Guys!
Dave Rosenberg That Fishes With Us Has Set Us Up A Discount That Gives Us Free Shipping. Just Mention His Name When Ordering.
DBK Lures Is Owned By Brian Koonce 
​Check His Site Out!
Fun Fishing Tournament Trail
         Whose Fishing Guntersville 
                     ​On Oct 17th? 
                 I'm Glad You Asked!

1. Matt, Brian, Thomas (member)
2. Chris A and Caden (member)
3. Wayne Smith (member
4. Paul, Hal, Cam, Clayton (member)
5. Johnny and Johnathon (member)
6. John and Chris S (member)
7. Coach McCall, Don Johnson(member)
8.  Eric and Andy (members
​9.  Joe and Brandon (member)
10. ​Adam and Nick
Next Tournament

Oct 17, 2015​
Marshal Co Ramp
Safe Light - 3pm Al Time
15"+ LM, SM and 12"+ Spots
Andy and Eric With Their Guntersville Plaques From April 4, 2015.
Here's Reid Holding The Youth Angler Plaque From Guntersville From April 4, 2015.
Great Job Reid!​
Mr Caden Holding His 1st Place Youth Angler Plaque From Logan On May 2, 2015.
Wedowee Winners On July 11, 2015
Congrats Brian and Matt!​
More Pics On The Wedowee Link Above.​

Tournament Registration

Here Are Your Winners From Logan Martin On Aug 1, 2015.
​Congrats Paul and Tonya!
Here's Johnathan Holding His Fish On An Invisible Stringer! He Won The Youth Division At Logan On Aug 1, 2015.
Here's Johnathan Holding His Youth Division Winninging Fish From Wedowee On Aug 15th.
​WTG Johnathan!
Andy and Eric Holding Their 1st Place Winning Plaques From Wedowee
​On Aug 15th.
Awesome Job Guys!​
Here Are The Winners From West Point
​On Aug 12, 2015.
Thomas Won The Youth Division,
Thomas, Brian and Matt Won The Team Division.

Here's The Winning Team From Neely Henry On Oct 3rd. Congrats Matt, Thomas and Brian. 13.70 Pounds!
Here's Logan Holding The Youth Angler Plaque For Winning At Neely!