Rules And Regulations For Current Season

The formation of the Fun Fishing Tournament Trail Club is to promote Christian fellowship and the sport of
​competitive Bass fishing.
​Tournaments will be ended with a prayer of thanks.
Meetings will be held but are not mandatory that you participate.


and may result in termination from this club!
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED and violators will not be allowed to participate in any club functions.

Plaques are awarded to CLUB MEMBERS ONLY.

We hope that you will want to join our group and fish with us.

Rules for the current fishing season are as follows:

 You must wear a life vest anytime your boat is on plane using the gas engine.

1. This is a bring your partner club tournament. We encourage you to bring young participants.
If there are more than 2 Adults in a boat then they must contact an officer and create an additional team BEFORE the tournament starts. It is the responsibility of the Captain of the boat to insure all fish are tagged and/or seperated. A Team can only contain 2 ADULT anglers. Disable participants are NOT included in the adult count. Weight is for your best 5 fish over 12" or longer if lake rules specify a longer limit. No fish shorter than 12" may be weighed in. Artifical baits only. ​No live bait fishing allowed.

2. All Tournaments Will Be Held On Saturday's. Blast Off Will Be At Safe Daylight And Weigh-ins Will Be At 3:00 PM Central Time (4:00 EST), Unless otherwise stated.
 *If Your Team Is NOT Launching From The Designated Ramp, You MUST Let One Of The Club Officers Know. This Way We Know Whether Or Not You Are
​Fishing This Tournament.
​Any Time Changes Will Be Noted On The Web Site.

You may Not participate in another tournament if you are fishing in our tournament.​ 

** We are extending the JR Angler Tournament format. To be considered a Youth Angler, the angler must be under the age of 18 on Jan 1st.of the year to be fished.

​** Every team must have a captain and/or a co-captain. One of them must be present in the boat before the TEAM can be awarded points. If Jim and Bob are captains and co-captain of team 1, either Jim or Bob must fish
​before that team can collect any points. 

3. Officers are: John McQueen, President: Brian Acree, Vice President; and Clint McCall: Secretary / Treasurer. The decision of these officers will be final in all matters.

4. Each Team Will Have A Captain. If The Team Dissolves, Then The Points Will Stay With The Captain. If The Partner Starts His Own Team Then His Points Will Start From Scratch.

5. This club is not responsible, nor can it be held liable for any damages to property or persons during any of its events. Any Angler under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a Parent or have WRITTEN permission by their parent or guardian.

6. To be eligible for the Angler Of The Year, or to win Plaques, you must pay annual dues of $25.00 per person (max $50 per team) before you fish the tournament.
Your Team (Youth Also) must fish at least 8 tournaments to be ​eligible for the AOY. In the case of a tie at the end of the year, The tie breaker for the Youth will be based on the Largest fish caught by the Youth angler. 

In case of a tie side on the Team Division,
​the tie breaker will be
​the most tournaments fished.
​If still a tie, the next factor will be largest fish
​weighed in by the anglers.
​Not the total weight for the year.​

The AOY will be decided by the best 8 tournaments
​ that an angler has fished.
​They will be decided by our point system.

7. The point system used for Angler Of The Year fishing season is as follows.
a. The point system is based on a 200 point system. The Winner of the tournament (most weight for up to 5 fish) will receive 200 points. 2nd place 195. 3rd place 190 etc. If you fish and don't catch any fish you will be awarded 5 points less than the last place team. You MUST be at weigh in to be awarded any points.
b. If you catch a 5 fish limit you will be awarded
​an additional 2 points.
c. If your team has the largest Bass you receive
​an additional 2 points.
d. If your team brings dead fish to the weigh-in your team will be allowed to weigh the dead fish but the team will be penalized 1 pound for each dead fish.

Example: You have the 2nd most weight. Your team catches 5 fish.
You have 15lbs of fish including big fish which weighs 8lbs.

1st place has 16lbs and did not catch a 5 fish limit. They receive 200 points.
Your team had 5 fish weighing 15.5lbs and the largest fish.
You will receive 2 points for a 5 fish limit.
You will receive 2 points for having Big Fish.
You will receive 195 points for having the 2nd most weight.
Your team's total points are 199 points.